2010 Phil Lynch Award 

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Ted Hayes
Cricket Club
Sunday, November 14, 2010

 Greetings President Paul Savern and LASCA Captains,

On behalf of the Compton Cricket Club and the regular and guest members of its’ premier team, the Homies & the POPz, “America’s Cricket Team”, I thank you Big Time for unanimously choosing us as the first and this years’ most sporting or social side in the Los Angeles Social Cricket Alliance league.

 Of all the great and wonderful adventures that we have experienced, in my humble opinion, your acknowledgment of the Homies & the POPz is best thing to have happened to us, because it encapsulates all that we have been striving for, which is to be America’s global Ambassadors of Good Will, Peace, and Prosperity for all via the civilizing etiquette of Cricket.

 It is my hope that all teams in our humble little league, the Southern California Cricket Association as all other Cricket entities and clubs throughout the earth will learn to compete for such a valued honor more than the winning Cup Championships.

 By focusing on the Grand ole’ Games’ original village intent the sting in the sport caused by selfish “win the match at all costs” attitude which sacrifices our human dignity fades away from our league forever.

 As the wise saying goes, one must learn to follow before he can be an effective leader, so it is with Cricket…one must learn to gracefully loose in order to be a true winner that others beyond the Oval can emulate.  So thank you ever so much for this greatest of awards.

 Finally, the folks with that we have had the privilege of meeting and working with such as our guest players, as well as those whom we have competed against, are all a group of gentlemen individuals making it easier to be sociable.  For that, thank you all kindly as well!

 We intend to take the plaque and its’ testimony with us on our historic, unprecedented journey to Australia in February to proclaim the virtues of Cricket world wide.

 Please see attached letters to Homies & POPz team members.

 May the Great UMPIRE of the Chess and King of Sports cause the ball to bounce and the bat to swing in your favor as you harness the Energy of the Oval.

 Ted Hayes

Vice Pres.
Player Coach