2010 Phil Lynch Award 

Letter to the Team     Letter to the Guest Players     Letter to Paul Savern and the Captains

USA flagTed Hayes
Los Angeles
, California, USA

Sunday, November 14, 2010

 Members of the Compton Cricket Club and Team

Re: Los Angeles Social Cricket Alliance Award In Memory of the late Phil Lynch 

Hello Honored Guest Players of The Homies & the POPz

Congratulations to you as well for your role in our team being selected by the Captains of the Los Angeles Social Cricket Alliance as the most socially –civil team in the league.

 We are honored by your participation with us as we have learned to perfect our playing skills from your patient sharing with us your great Cricket experience.

 As first American born Cricket to tour Australia and beyond, being Ambassadors of Good Will, Peace and Prosperity, will carry you in our hearts with us.

 Thank you and again Congratulations, Well Played! Cheers!

 All the Blessings of the Great UMPIRE of the Oval to you and yours, and may harnessing the Energy of it cause the ball to bounce and the bat to swing in your favor…

 Ted Hayes

Vice President
Player Coach

 Shalom in Jerusalem-Blessed Bethlehem