Cricket Leagues

Indeed, there are many Cricket Clubs, associations and accompanying teams in the Country, including that of the United States Cricket Association.

The clubs, teams and associations of the Los Angeles region as well as those throughout the United States primarily consist of players who are either ex-patriots or first, second, even third generation immigrants from foreign nations that were a part of the Cricket playing British Commonwealth.

These Cricket playing nations of are of course England, Australia, India, South Africa, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Afghanistan, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, which are what is called Full Members of the International Cricket Council (ICC) along with Top Associate/Affiliate, Associate, Affiliate Members logging over 122 entities including the United States.

The Compton Cricket Club and the Homies & the POPz team are the only established American entity or enterprise in the United States.

In Southern California, the home region of the Homies & the POPz, exists a the Southern California Cricket Association (SCCA) boasting over 40 teams designated into four playing divisions or levels, and the Los Angeles Social Cricket Alliance (LASCA) with nine.

The SCCA is highly competitive association with heavy emphasis of winning and individual book statistics, LASCA is primarily focused on etiquette, excellent sportsmanship instead championships.

It is the aspiration of the CCC H&Pz to become global Ambassadors of Good Will, Peace, and Prosperity for all citizens of the world beginning in Compton-Los Angeles, the United States and throughout the earth by working to restore the original intent of the Village sport which is its civilizing etiquette.

For more information on the ICC world associations and national teams, see: