CCC heart Woodley

Woodley Park, the home of The Leo Magnus Cricket Complex and Sepulveda Basin - Cricket Fields, is located in the Van Nuys district of Los Angeles.  It is the home ground of the Southern California Cricket Association (SCCA).

The cricket complex which is also called Woodley Cricket Field, is considered to be the best cricket field facility in the USA.

Leo Magnus cricket fields
Leo Magnus Cricket Complex
The complex hosts five fields, The Marder, the Wong, The Wright, The Severn and The Village Green, which are always busy throughout cricket season.

There are also some fine practice nets which are well utilized by the SCCCA, The LASCA League,as well as members of the Compton Cricket Club.

practicing in the batting nets
Batting nets at Woodley
The cricket complex is named after Leo "Jingles" Magnus, a former Jamaican cricketer who played for the University Cricket Club and coached the Los Angeles Krickets and the now renowned Compton Cricket Club as well as The Sheenaway, Serendipity.
Leo Magnus coaching the CCC at Woodly Park
Leo Magnus coaching the CCC
The complex in Van Nuys was created in 1978 because the Glendale Equestrian Center had taken over the Griffith Park Cricket Association grounds, established in May 1933, following Hollywood Cricket Club's game against the Australian test side which included Donald Bradman and captained by Vic Richardson.

Woodley Cricket Field made its mark in the mid 1980's with the opening of two new grounds in 1996 named the Gene Wong and John Marder fields, both named for SCCA President's. John Marder founded the United States of America Cricket Association in 1963.

The fourth field is the Severn Field named after Clifford Severn, one of the original members of the Hollywood Cricket Club.

Hollywood Cricket Club 1934The Hollywood Cricket Club in 1934
Clifford Severn 2011
Clifford Severn at Woodley in 2011
The Fifth Field, The Village Green, has been the pride and joy of 85 year old Clifford Severn for the last 12 years, and has been the temporary home of LASCA, the Los Angeles Social Cricket Alliance and therefore the Compton Cricket Club. Recently, negotiations are underway to make it their permanent home. CCC at Severn Cricket Grounds in Woodley Park
Practicing at Severn Cricket Grounds
CCC at Woodley
CCC with Clifford at Woodley