2010 Phil Lynch Award 

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USA flagTed Hayes
Los Angeles
, California, USA

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Members of the Compton Cricket Club and Team

Re: Los Angeles Social Cricket Alliance Award In Memory of the late Phil Lynch

 Hello Club Members and Players and Honored Guest Players of The Homies & the POPz,

Indeed, a solid CONGRATULATIONS to us on receiving the unexpected award of being the Los Angeles Social Cricket Alliance’s first awardees as the leagues most sportsmanship-like and social oriented team…The Phil Lynch Award.

 This is what Katy and I, along with Thee and later Isaac, have been promoting from the very inception of American Cricket beginning with the Justiceville/Homeless, USADome Village for the Homeless LA Krickets.

 It has always been and will always remain our top priority to reinvigorate the original village intent of the Grand ole’ Game of Cricket whereby we learn to generate and develop civility throughout the world, beginning in Compton-Los Angeles California, USA.

 We must never forget, that while we all aspire to be Cricket athletes to our best abilities and put winning scores on the board, and wonderful statistics in the books, it is this, our crowning testimony of what the Great UMPIRE of the Oval has granted to us to promulgate, perhaps like no other American born Cricket team in history.

 This award affirms that we are on the mission as HE has ordained us to indeed be American global Ambassadors of Good Will, Peace and Prosperity for all by moving upon the hearts of the insightful LASCA captains to honor “America’s Cricket Team”, the Homie & the POPz with this incredible and humbling acknowledgment of our enjoyable work.

 While I can’t speak for the whole team, but to me, given all the incredible highlights since our beginning over 14 years ago, of journeying to England four times, visiting with British Royalty such HRH, Prince Edward in Buckingham Palace and playing at Windsor Castle; visiting special and sacred Crickets grounds such as Lords in London England, even being  mentioned in the Museum, playing and holding news conferences there; playing four times at Hambeldon, the Home of Cricket, even beating their team once and becoming their “sister” club, and playing the Australian Aborigines there; meeting David Folb of the legendary Lashings, along with great Cricket stars such as Brian Lara, Sir Viv Richards and many others; meeting the Hon. Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness and significantly playing a role in the Northern Ireland Peace Process; all the news media exposure; award winning documentaries; potential feature films; have an operetta named and performed about us; the list goes on of wonderful things happening to us….

 …as grand as that is, this official recognizing by the Los Angeles Social Cricket Alliance is the greatest happening of them all, because it defines and vindicates who we really are in Cricket.

 All of those expenses-paid-for journeys to England by wonderful corporations, businesses and individuals, including the initial influence of kind hearted folks who believed and yet believes in us such as British Consulate General to Los Angeles, Merrick Bakker-Bates and his wife Chrystal along with many others who made them possible, did so not because we were/are great Cricket athletes, but because of the message of etiquette and civility that lies in the heart and soul of the Grand Ole’ Game, The King of Sports, The Chess of Sports, that we carry and represent.  Such is an honor!

 Again, I can’t speak for everyone…with all due respect to the great Cricket team and players who wins/won it this year, this social award is far and beyond better than winning the Cup itself, because even though we ourselves have achieved that goal twice in the league, such is shortly forgotten the very next year, when new champion is crowned.

 However, this award will rest eternal in the annals of Los Angeles and world Cricket.  This is the message and the cause by which we journey to Australia in February, not as the great athletes, but rather indeed, Ambassadors of Good Will, Peace and Prosperity for all.

 Carry on lads for the sake of civility, Jesse Cazarez, Brian Aranda, Steve Pinales, Tom, Phil Lynch, Dan Musgrave, Leo Magnus and all the other original players from the LA Krickets to Compton Homies & the POPz.

 Howzat? Well played!  Cricket Wins! Cheers!

 All the Blessing of the Great UMPIRE of the Oval and may the harnessing Energy of it bounce the ball and swing the bat in your favor….


Vice President
Player Coach


Shalom in Jerusalem-Blessed Bethlehem