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Ted Hayes, Co-Founder, Player-Coach

HOMETOWN: Aberdeen, Maryland

POSITIONS: Bowling, Fielding, Wicket Keeper, batter

BEST POSITION: Bowling is best position

HOW LONG WITH H&Pz: As co-founder and the original player, since the inception of the CCC in 1995
Ted Hayes - photo courtsey Stef Wagstaffe

"This or that is or is not Cricket"
The Great UMPIRE of Cricket chose me, I didn't choose the Grand ole' Game. united
Ted Hayes As in activist for the improvement and increased civility of humanity beginning in Compton-Los Angeles, the United States and
throughout the earth, Cricket reveals itself to me as wonderful tool to the purpose.
While I think that the dance or physical action-play of the Chess of Sports, it is the seemingly divine inspired regal etiquette makes Cricket, also considered by it's billions of fans, the King of Sports. Ted Hayes bowling
receiving gear For me, putting numbers on the score board, or in the statistical books is not the winning aspect of this originally village game, but rather that of the civilizing idea of Cricket.
During a match, particularly playing the actions within the oval-pitch and/or field of play, I strive to be in a state of a Zen Meditation, that at the end of the day when i exit the field of play, my character is improved for the life that i must now live beyond the Game's boundary. Ted with a cricket bat
Ted Hayes at potential cricket stadium Thanks to GOD the Great UMPIRE, that HE has allowed me the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual strength to continue to effective play matches at my wonderful, mature age.

That's Cricket! That's what I'm talking about. Cricket!