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Raul Flores

  Raul Flores was recently featured in: 
The Pipeline, a publication of Pan Pacific Plumbing & Mechanical!

Here is what it said :

Employee Spotlight: Raul Flores II

Raul Flores, Jr. has some big shoes to fill

His dad, Raul Flores, Sr. has been with Pan for about 10 years. When Raul Flores Jr. first started here at the W Hotel, Jim Empero and Jeff Smith recognized his name right away. They both commented that Raul Flores Sr. is a good worker” especially when running copper with his pouches in the front”

Jim later reminded Raul that he had a last name to work for. And he is doing just that. Raul Flores Jr. Is an up and comer in the Pan Pacific family.

“The attitude of working for my name made me do a little more day after day throughout the project.” Raul explained

Raul came to Pan through hi dad. At the 2008 Safety Picnic at Universal Studios, he came with his dad and met Frank Vincent. I was hired a week later and I’ve been here ever since” Raul said.

Raul stated at the W and Legacy and then moved to HS#2 and is currently finishing up HS#3 in South Los Angeles.

Raul has been married to his wife, Maria for 10 years. The have four children. His only daughter is Litzy. Her brothers are Raul Flores III, Saul , and baby Branulio

Raul is involved in a very unusual hobby.

When I’m not working I like to spend my time playing Cricket.

Cricket is a European sport which is not very popular in America, but Raul has been playing on the Compton Cricket team for about 15 years. The sport has allowed him to see the world and meet interesting people.

I’ve been to Belfast, North Ireland, and London. Our team was sponsored by Maxim Magazine and we met the owner Felix Denis. In London we played against the Windsor Castle Cricket Team and met Prince Edward at Buckingham Palace.

Even with his opportunity to travel Raul like to stay close to home. As he uses the lessons he learned from his father.

“More than anything, I love gathering with the family every weekend. We make plenty of food and drink a few beers and have fun and enjoy every moment. Just like my old man taught us!”