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Paul Smith  -  CCC Global Ambassador

Paul played professional cricket for Warwickshire County Cricket Club for 16 years. His career coincided with the most successful period in the history of any first class county which has participated in English first class cricket. His contribution was significant to the achievements of the club in this era. Illustratively, Warwickshire secured the unprecedented achievement of a treble, and a double, winning a total of 6 trophies in 24 months. He participated in 6 major cup finals at Lords - the home of cricket. He was Man of the Match in Warwickshire`s Benson and Hedges final victory over Worcestershire in 1994.

As his professional cricketing career began to evolve and develop he grasped the potential role that cricket could play in the transformation of the lives of marginalized groups, not only in England but on a global scale. The arrival of Bob Woolmer as the coach of Warwickshire in 1991 was seminal in terms of helping Paul to flesh out and realize this vision. The impact Bob Woolmer has made on the world game does not require too much comment since he is arguably the greatest coach who ever lived.

In addition, Bob had considerable experience of using cricket as a tool in social transformation in the context of Soweto in the era of South African apartheid. He was extremely fortunate to be able to draw on his knowledge experience and contacts. As a consequence he was able to coach and play cricket in Soweto and other deprived black communities in South Africa. It is of some significance to remark that during this period Bob and Paul were the only white men to cross these racial and cultural frontiers, and to have the resilience and tenacity to challenge and resist the negative responses which their actions provoked within large sections of the white South African community during the era of apartheid.

Paul was the first white man to play for Saint Augustines cricket club in Cape Town, which was the setting in which Basil D`Oliviera developed his cricketing skills, but was then forced because of circumstances to ply his trade in England. Symptomatic of the Warwickshire all-rounders contribution to Saint Augustines cricket, and the role he played in the empowerment of black and colored marginalized communities and the dismantling of apartheid, is the fact that in a recent history of this club - "Saints - In our Soil" a whole chapter recognizes and renders visible his input into these developments.

Drawing on his involvement and experience in South African townships he continued his work within white marginalized communities in South America, whilst maintaining links with South Africa.

Having worked in Soweto and surrounding townships under the guidance of Dr Ali Bacher during the years of apartheid in the 1980`s, and then later being heavily involved with Bob Woolmer coaching in the townships around Cape Town when apartheid was being dismantled, he is uniquely qualified to state that the Compton Cricket Club is achieving the very same results in gang areas within Los Angeles. Paul`s involvement in the activities with Compton Cricket Club began in 2001 and has spanned the last decade. In this regard he has played several roles in the development of cricket culture in Compton embracing coaching, playing, advising, educating, mentoring, and acting as a link between the club and national and international associations.

Additional experience in the UK includes linking cricket to educational qualifications through course work and re-employment schemes. Outcomes from this work have seen a consistent 40% of those engaged with re enter the work place. He works as an Ambassador for Prince Charles charity the Princes Trust.
Paul Smith - 1995 Benefit Year - Souvenir